1kg                                        veal
3                                            onions(or 4-5 if they are small)
1tablespoon                           food supplement with vegetables
                                              red pepper
250ml                                    sunflower oil
1tablespoon                           flour
                                              black pepper in grains

                       Take the peel off the onion and chop the onion. Then, squash it with hands. Next, put the onion into a big pot(take pot which is not too profound but wide). Add 200ml oil. Put the pot on the oven and start cooking on low heat. Cook till the onion becomes yellow-red.
                    On the other hand, cut the meat on small cubes. When, the onion becomes yellow-red, add the meat. Continue cooking on low heat. Also, stir from time to time. When, the meat becomes softer, add 1,5-2L of water. After that, leave mixture to start boiling(now on high heat). Add food supplement with vegetables and salt. Cook till the meat becomes soft and easy to eat. Stir from time to time.
                     After that, in small frying-pan put 50ml oil and the flour. Fry it till the flour becomes red. Then, add the red pepper. Fry 10 seconds. Next, pour the mixture into the pot. Cook 5-10 minutes. Add black pepper in grains. Finally, take the pot off the oven. Serve the goulash in the soup plates. We like it with hot pepper.

Gurabii (Cookies with lard)


500g                             flour
2                                  eggs
10tablespoons              sugar
8tablespoons                 lard
12g                               powder pastry
10g                               vanilla sugar

            Put all the ingredients into a deep dish and knead dough.(If the dough is too soft put flour a little bit more). Next, on working desk put flour and put the flour on. Then, with rolling pin twine the rind. Cut different figures from the rind and put them into a baking dish. Bake it on 180C degrees. When, the cookies became red take off the oven. Put them on serving plate. Decorate with powdered sugar.

Eggplant salad

1                             eggplant
2                             eggs
                               sunflower oil
                Wash the eggplant and cut it on thin circles. Then, into a soup plate smash the eggs, add salt and mix it with fork. Also, into another plate put the flour, add salt and mix it with spoon. Next in a frying-pan add the oil and put it on oven in order to worms up. When it will be wormed up, smear the eggplants first, in a flour and then in the eggs and put in the frying-pan. Fry it on the both sides. When, the eggplants became red on the both sides take it from the frying-pan and put them on serving plate.
          On the other hand, in a coffee-pot pour 25ml. oil and 50ml. vinegar and cook it. When, it starts boiling take off the oven. Leave it to cool down. After that, pour the vinegar on the eggplants. Finally, on the eggplants put parsley.


      Eggplant is round,oblong shaped, that is found in various colors like deep purple,white and sometimes even orange. It is available in the markets all around the year,but are the best to be bought in between August and October because that's when they are in season.
      The eggplant belongs to the family of nightshade vegetables. And, when speaking of the eggplant nutritional value it contains some very essential nutrients and even some medical properties which are highly beneficial for the body.  So, eggplant is low in saturated fats,sodium and cholesterol. On the other hand, is high in dietary fiber, potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, magnesium.
      The eggplant is ideal for maintaining optimum health and weight loss.   

Sexy cookies

100g                 walnuts
100g.                hazelnuts
200g                 chocolate for cooking
1tablespoon      Nescofe
2tablespoons    sunflower oil

                     Take the husk out of the walnuts and hazelnuts. Then, put the nuts into a baking dish and bake it on 60-100C degrees. When, the nuts became red take it out and leave it to cool down.
                    On the other hand, put the chocolate and the oil into the small pot. Put the pot on the oven and leave mixture to melt  down.In the moment it will be melt down take off the oven and put the Nescofe in and mix it. Then, put the nuts into the chocolate and mix again. With small spoon take from the mixture and put in paper made forms for cookies.
                   P.S. In steed of Nescofe put rum.

Spinach stew(Macedonian mandza)

600-700g                                        meat(veal, pork or chicken)
1kg                                                  spinach
1                                                      onion
1                                                      fresh pepper
1                                                      tomato
1tablespoon                                     ground red pepper
2tablespoons                                    food suplement with vegetables
4tablespoons                                    sunflower oil
                Wash the meat and put it in the stew-pan. (If you use pork or veal, first cook the meat and than continue with next steps).Next, wash the spinach and cut it into small pieces. Then, put the spinach above the meat. Next, chop the onion, cut the pepper on small pieces and put it above the spinach. Also, cut the tomato on circles and put it on the top. On the top put 2 tablespoons of food supplement with vegetables. Then, pour around 1liter of water and put the pan on the oven. Cook the stew till the meat and the spinach became soft. Then, take one small frying-pan and put the oil and the ground pepper in. Fry it for about 30 seconds. After that, pour the pepper into the stew-pan. Serve it in soup plates. I like putting yoghurt in.

Spinach roll

150g.                            water
150g.                            sunflower oil
1 little spoon                 salt
150g.                            flour
5                                                                       eggs
500g.                            spinach
200g                             salami
200g.                            white cheese
250g.                            sour cream
             Wash the spinach, cut it on pieces and put it in the pot. Pour the water in the pot and cook the spinach. When, it starts boiling cook it for about 5 minutes. After that, throw the water and let the spinach to cool down. Next, pour the water, the oil and the salt into a pot. And, cook it till starts boiling. Thеn, pour the flour and start mixing with spoon. Cook 2-3 minutes.  Leave the mixture to cool down. When the mixture became cold put the eggs one by one (put one egg mix with mixer, than the second egg est.). After that, put the spinach and mix with spoon. Put the mixture into a baking dish and bake it on 180C degrees. Put the dough on damp towel and roll it.  Leave to cool down.
          Fill: Cut the salami and the cheese on small pieces. Thеn, mix it and put the sour cream and mix again. Take the towel off the dough and smear the dough with the filling mixture. After that, roll it. From above, smear with sour cream.   

    The spinach is one of the best sources of folic acid. Also, coutains many others nutrients, including magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium and vitamins K,A,B.
    The spinach is benificial to a number of processes especially to our eyes, nervous system, cardiovaskular disorders, skin, bones, anti-cancerous, ect.


Spinach pie

4                            eggs
400g.                     sunflower oil
400ml.                    milk
400g                       wheat flour
400g                       maize flour
500g                       spinach
100g                       white cheese
1                             powder pastry

                     Take the spinach, wash it and cut it on small pieces. Then, put the spinach into a pot, put water and cook it.When, it starts boiling cook 5 minutes. After that throw the water and let spinach to cool down.
                     Mix the eggs with mixer to get hard foam. Then, cut the cheese into small pieces. Next, put all the ingredients in the foamed eggs and mix it with spoon. Pour into prepared baking dish and bake it on 180C degrees