Rum cookies

200g.                                  chocolate
200g.                                  grind biscuits
200g.                                  grind walnuts
50ml.                                   rum
100ml.                                 water
200g.                                   sugar
2 tablespoons                       oil

          Into one pot pour the water and the sugar and stir it. Then, put the pot on the oven. Wait sugar to melt. After that, take the pot off the oven. Into the pot add the biscuits, the walnuts and the rum. Stir it till get compact mixture. Then, from the mixture make a little balls.
          On the other hand, melt the chocolate with two tablespoons of oil. After that, take the paper lined miniature muffin cups. With one tea spoon take from the chocolate and pour it into the cups. Then, put one ball. Next, with the tea spoon take from the chocolate and pour from above. Repeat this procedure with all of the balls. Decorate with decorative "dust".

200г.                                   чоколада за готвење
200г.                                    мелени бисквити
200г.                                    мелени ореви

Potato Mandza (a kind of stew)

700g.                               pork ribs
1200g.                             potatoes
1                                      fresh pepper
1                                      onion
1                                      tomato(or 2 tablespoons ketchup)
1 tablespoon                     grinded red pepper
1 tablespoon                     food supplement with vegetables
25ml.                                sunflower oil

              Take the ribs and wash it. Then, put it into a stew pan and pour water. Next, put the pan on the oven. When, it starts boiling cook for about 30 minutes.
             On the other hand, take the potatoes, wash it and peel it. Then, cut it on small cubes. In addition, peel the onion and chop it. Also, cut the pepper on small pieces.
               Take the pan with ribs off the oven. Throw the water. Then, in the pan, add the potatoes, the onion and the pepper. Next, cut the tomato on circles add it from above(use ketchup as substitute). Also, add the food supplement with vegetables and salt. Make sure that the water will cover all the ingredients. Take the pot back to the oven. Cook the mandza till potatoes become soft. After that, take one small pot and add the oil and the grind pepper. Put the pot on the oven. When it starts boiling cook it 10 seconds. Then, add the mixture into the mandza. Next, cook the mandza for 5 more minutes. After that, take the mandza off the oven.

700г.                                     свински ребра
1200г.                                   компири
1                                           свежа пиперка
1 главица                             кромид

Salad with mayonnaise

620g.                       mayonnaise
250g.                       yellow cheese
250g.                       salami
250g.                       carrots
250g.                        potatoes
6                              cucumbers
6 tablespoons            peas

             Take the potatoes, wash it and peel it. Then, wash and peel the carrots. Next, wash the peas. Put the potatoes, the carrots and the peas into one pot. Pour water in order to cover all the ingredients. Then, put the pot on the oven. Cook it till become soft. After that, take the pot off the oven and pour the water. Leave it to cool down. Then, cut all the ingredients on small cubes, except the peas. Take one profound dish and add all the ingredients in. Add 500g. mayonnaise and stir all the ingredients. Use the rest of the mayonnaise to smear from the above when put salad into the serving plates.

620г.                         мајонез
250г.                         кашкавал
250г.                         пилешка салама


6                                   eggs
6tablespoons                  sugar
6tablespoons                  flour
6cups of coffee              sugar
2cups of coffee              water
100g.                             grind walnuts

          Take the eggs and separate the whites and yolks. Next, in the yolks add 6 tablespoons sugar. Whisk the yolks until light and fluffy. After that, add the flour and whisk it again. Next, pour the mixture into a small profound baking-pan and smear it. Bake it on 180C degrees. When, cake gets red-brown color take it off the oven. Leave it to cool down.
         In meanwhile, take one pot and pour the water and the sugar and stir it. Then, put the pot on the oven. When, the water starts boiling leave it to boil 2-3 minutes. After that, take the pot with the sorbet off the oven. Immediately, start beating the whites. While beating, pour little by little from the sorbet(beat, pour a little bit of the sorbet, beat, pour...until finish all sorbet). Is important to get hard foam. Then, pour the whisked white in the baking pan with the cake. Smear it. Above decorate with grind  walnuts.

6                                 јајца
6лажици                    шеќер
6лажици                    брашно
6финџали                  шеќер

Quince preserve

1kg                                  quinces
650g.                               sugar
1kg. 350g.                       water
1                                      lemon
2-3                                  jars
10g.                                 limuntus(lemon acid)

             Take one profound dish, pour 1l water and the limuntus. Then, wash the quinces and peel one quince. Next, cut the quince on small cubes and put the pieces into the water(Repeat the procedure with the rest of the quinces. Is important to do it quick). After that, into a huge pot pour the water with quinces. Then, put the pot on the oven. Leave it in order to start boiling. When it does, cook it for about 5 minutes. After that, take the pot off  the oven.
        On the other hand, start making sorbet. Into a huge pot put the sugar and 350ml. water. Then, put the pot on the oven. Wait to start boiling. Then, leave it to boil for about 10 minutes. After that, take the pot off the oven. Next, separate the quinces and the water(do not throw the water, use it as a juice) and add the quinces into the sorbet. The pot with the sorbet put on the oven again and leave it to start boiling. Leave it boiling for about 15 to 20 minutes.
       In meanwhile, take the jars wash them and dry them. Then, warm them(preheat the oven on 50C degrees and put the jars).
       Take the pot with quinces off the oven. Then, take one jar and pour quinces and sorbet in. Also, take the lemon and cut it on small pieces. Put 3 pieces into the jar. Then, close the jar. Repeat this procedure till finish all quinces. After that, leave the jars aside and cover them with small blanket. Leave it for about one day to cool down. 

Quince dessert

600g.                           quinces
750ml.                         water
200g.                           sugar
2packet                        powders fro vanilla pudding
200g.                           biscuits
1packet                        cream powder
3tablespoon                  sugar
125ml.                          milk

             Wash the quinces and peel them. Then, cut it on small cubes. Take one pot and put the quinces in. Then, pour the water and the sugar. Put the pot on the oven and wait to start boiling. Cook it till quinces become soft. After that, take the pudding powders and put it into small profound dish. Pour the water and stir it. Stir till get compact content. Then, take the pot with quinces off the oven. Next, pour the dissolved powder into the pot  stir all time. Then, take the pot back to the oven. Cook 2-3 minutes. After that, take the pot off the oven.
              In meanwhile, take one profound baking pan and ordain one row biscuits.  Then, pour half of the mixture with quinces. Next, ordain second row with biscuits and pour the rest of the mixture. Leave to cool down. 
               In one profound dish pour 125ml. milk. Then, add 3 tablespoons sugar and the cream powder. Mix it with mixer with highest speed, till get hard cream. When, the  dessert will be cooled down smear it with the cream. Decorate the cream with fork.  


          Quinces belong to the pome fruit family and are relatives to the apples and pears. In color they are shine golden-yellow and have unforgettable smell. Quinces are rich in vitamin A, fibber and iron. And, also, contain magnesium, calcium, potassium. In addition, quinces contain high level of pectin and are frequently used in jams, jellies and preserves.   
    This fruit is good for diets. Also, is good for those suffering from anemia, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory illnesses, diseases of gastrointestinal tract and eye diseases.
     Quinces are native to the warm-temperate areas of Southwest Asia, falling in Caucasus region. Nowadays, there are many countries cultivating quinces. Macedonia is also on the list of quinces producers.