Chocolate Rum Cake

Frosting1: 250g.             sugar
                250ml.           water
                100g.             chocolate
                100g.             cocoa

Cake: 12                       eggs
          10tsp                   sugar
          10tsp                   flour
            1                        baking powder
          10tsp                   grind walnuts
Frosting2: 250g.             margarine
                200g.             powdered sugar
                    2tsp           rum

   Frosting1: Take one pot and put the water and the sugar in. Stir it and put the pot on the oven. Wait the water to start boiling. When, it does add the chocolate and the cocoa. Then, stir while is boiling. Do these for a few minutes till get compact mixture. Next, take the pot off the oven and leave aside to cool down.

Cake: Take two profound dishes. Then, take the eggs and separate yolks for the whites. Next, preheat the oven to 180C degrees. Start beating the whites with mixer. Then, add the sugar. Beat until light and fluffy. After that, stop beating and add the flour, the powder, the walnuts and 6 tablespoons from frosting 1. Stir all ingredients with tablespoon. Next, take one baking-pan and put baking paper. Then, pour the whites  into the pan. Put the pan into the oven. Bake it until becomes red-brown. (Test by inserting the skewer in the centre. If it comes out clean the cake is baked). Then, take the pan off the oven. Next, put kitchen towel on the working desk. Then, take the cake and over wind it on the towel. Take the paper off the cake and leave it to cool down. After that, cut the cake on to equal layers.

Frosting2: Beat the yolks until light and fluffy. On the other hand, take one profound dish and put the margarine and the sugar in. Then, beat it with mixer until get compact mixture. Next, add the yolks and beat again. Finally, add the frosting 1 and the rum. Beat till get compact mixture.

      Take the first layer and put the half of the frosting2 on. Smear it with knife. Then, put the second layer above. At the top add the second half of the frosting2. Smear the whole cake with frosting2. Decorate with red decorative "dust".


Фил 1. 250г.                         шеќер
            250мл.                      вода
            100г.                         чоколада
            100г.                         какао