Quince dessert

600g.                           quinces
750ml.                         water
200g.                           sugar
2packet                        powders fro vanilla pudding
200g.                           biscuits
1packet                        cream powder
3tablespoon                  sugar
125ml.                          milk

             Wash the quinces and peel them. Then, cut it on small cubes. Take one pot and put the quinces in. Then, pour the water and the sugar. Put the pot on the oven and wait to start boiling. Cook it till quinces become soft. After that, take the pudding powders and put it into small profound dish. Pour the water and stir it. Stir till get compact content. Then, take the pot with quinces off the oven. Next, pour the dissolved powder into the pot  stir all time. Then, take the pot back to the oven. Cook 2-3 minutes. After that, take the pot off the oven.
              In meanwhile, take one profound baking pan and ordain one row biscuits.  Then, pour half of the mixture with quinces. Next, ordain second row with biscuits and pour the rest of the mixture. Leave to cool down. 
               In one profound dish pour 125ml. milk. Then, add 3 tablespoons sugar and the cream powder. Mix it with mixer with highest speed, till get hard cream. When, the  dessert will be cooled down smear it with the cream. Decorate the cream with fork.  

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  1. Hey great recipe and perfect for a dessert.Dear do collect your award from my blog....u desrve it.