Eggplant salad

1                             eggplant
2                             eggs
                               sunflower oil
                Wash the eggplant and cut it on thin circles. Then, into a soup plate smash the eggs, add salt and mix it with fork. Also, into another plate put the flour, add salt and mix it with spoon. Next in a frying-pan add the oil and put it on oven in order to worms up. When it will be wormed up, smear the eggplants first, in a flour and then in the eggs and put in the frying-pan. Fry it on the both sides. When, the eggplants became red on the both sides take it from the frying-pan and put them on serving plate.
          On the other hand, in a coffee-pot pour 25ml. oil and 50ml. vinegar and cook it. When, it starts boiling take off the oven. Leave it to cool down. After that, pour the vinegar on the eggplants. Finally, on the eggplants put parsley.

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  1. This sounds nice and easy to prepare. I like it!