1kg                                        veal
3                                            onions(or 4-5 if they are small)
1tablespoon                           food supplement with vegetables
                                              red pepper
250ml                                    sunflower oil
1tablespoon                           flour
                                              black pepper in grains

                       Take the peel off the onion and chop the onion. Then, squash it with hands. Next, put the onion into a big pot(take pot which is not too profound but wide). Add 200ml oil. Put the pot on the oven and start cooking on low heat. Cook till the onion becomes yellow-red.
                    On the other hand, cut the meat on small cubes. When, the onion becomes yellow-red, add the meat. Continue cooking on low heat. Also, stir from time to time. When, the meat becomes softer, add 1,5-2L of water. After that, leave mixture to start boiling(now on high heat). Add food supplement with vegetables and salt. Cook till the meat becomes soft and easy to eat. Stir from time to time.
                     After that, in small frying-pan put 50ml oil and the flour. Fry it till the flour becomes red. Then, add the red pepper. Fry 10 seconds. Next, pour the mixture into the pot. Cook 5-10 minutes. Add black pepper in grains. Finally, take the pot off the oven. Serve the goulash in the soup plates. We like it with hot pepper.

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