Sexy cookies

100g                 walnuts
100g.                hazelnuts
200g                 chocolate for cooking
1tablespoon      Nescofe
2tablespoons    sunflower oil

                     Take the husk out of the walnuts and hazelnuts. Then, put the nuts into a baking dish and bake it on 60-100C degrees. When, the nuts became red take it out and leave it to cool down.
                    On the other hand, put the chocolate and the oil into the small pot. Put the pot on the oven and leave mixture to melt  down.In the moment it will be melt down take off the oven and put the Nescofe in and mix it. Then, put the nuts into the chocolate and mix again. With small spoon take from the mixture and put in paper made forms for cookies.
                   P.S. In steed of Nescofe put rum.

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