Spinach stew(Macedonian mandza)

600-700g                                        meat(veal, pork or chicken)
1kg                                                  spinach
1                                                      onion
1                                                      fresh pepper
1                                                      tomato
1tablespoon                                     ground red pepper
2tablespoons                                    food suplement with vegetables
4tablespoons                                    sunflower oil
                Wash the meat and put it in the stew-pan. (If you use pork or veal, first cook the meat and than continue with next steps).Next, wash the spinach and cut it into small pieces. Then, put the spinach above the meat. Next, chop the onion, cut the pepper on small pieces and put it above the spinach. Also, cut the tomato on circles and put it on the top. On the top put 2 tablespoons of food supplement with vegetables. Then, pour around 1liter of water and put the pan on the oven. Cook the stew till the meat and the spinach became soft. Then, take one small frying-pan and put the oil and the ground pepper in. Fry it for about 30 seconds. After that, pour the pepper into the stew-pan. Serve it in soup plates. I like putting yoghurt in.

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