Spinach roll

150g.                            water
150g.                            sunflower oil
1 little spoon                 salt
150g.                            flour
5                                                                       eggs
500g.                            spinach
200g                             salami
200g.                            white cheese
250g.                            sour cream
             Wash the spinach, cut it on pieces and put it in the pot. Pour the water in the pot and cook the spinach. When, it starts boiling cook it for about 5 minutes. After that, throw the water and let the spinach to cool down. Next, pour the water, the oil and the salt into a pot. And, cook it till starts boiling. Thеn, pour the flour and start mixing with spoon. Cook 2-3 minutes.  Leave the mixture to cool down. When the mixture became cold put the eggs one by one (put one egg mix with mixer, than the second egg est.). After that, put the spinach and mix with spoon. Put the mixture into a baking dish and bake it on 180C degrees. Put the dough on damp towel and roll it.  Leave to cool down.
          Fill: Cut the salami and the cheese on small pieces. Thеn, mix it and put the sour cream and mix again. Take the towel off the dough and smear the dough with the filling mixture. After that, roll it. From above, smear with sour cream.   

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  1. Sounds nice but i have to taste it...